Blue Moon

I often say how much I love chance in photography ... a single moment of co-incidence, accident or diversion can give an image you never dreamed of taking.

Today, I made a tube to cover the ground glass of my Mamiya C330 to reduce reflections when shooting TtV. I cut, taped and painted four rectangles of cardboard black in front of a DVD of Northern Exposure.

I never imagined the tripod would slip during the testing phase, and my Mamiya would tilt back, catching the view of clouds and blue sky through the loungeroom window. Or that the focusing circle on the ground glass would be perfectly positioned to look like a rising moon.

The blue is not just from the sky — I'd been testing under artificial light and had my digital camera set as such.

Did you know a blue moon is not as rare as we think? One occurs every two-and-a-half years.

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