Hard-Working Dogs

My beautiful girls, Cameo (left) and Ruby (right). Cameo looks likeshe has done something naughty that I don't yet know about, whileRuby is always impeccably behaved.

Most volunteers at the Salvation Army Family Store in Yass work
 incredibly hard; others do not ... they prefer to lounge around or
eat cream-filled biscuits.

More that one person has wished to be reincarnated as a black puppy living at my house ... and the above pictures show only the tiniest example why.

Life is very tough when you've got your own swimming pool, shaped like a giant clam shell, in the backyard and a blanket-lined basket in almost every room inside. Magnum PI, which is screening on 7mate, is Cameo's favourite TV show at the moment.


LKW said...

Great looking dogs. Nice coats. Their facial features are so symmetrical.

Kathleen Fisher said...

Hey thanks, Luke. We feed the dogs well ... lots of eggs give them a shiny coat. They also love rice, especially cooked in chicken stock.

Susan Stayer said...

Cameo and Ruby are gorgeous! And what a life!

It's great that you can take them to the Salvo's with you.