Chainsaw Sculpture at The Crisp Galleries

The delighful and very new Yass Photography Club enjoyed an inaugural excursion to The Crisp Galleries on Saturday, which just happened to co-incide with the opening of Adam Humphrey's "Sawdust, Sweat & Tears" exhibition.

The Welsh artist uses a chainsaw to turn humble blocks of wood into surprisingly detailed sculptures, which are on show both in a conventional gallery space and dotted around acres of garden. I love his farmyard animal pieces — lambs frollicking under a bridge and geese waddling beside hedges of lavender.

While I toiled in the hot sun, lugging a rather heavy Mamiya C330 around for a spot of TtV, I did spy some of my colleagues indulging in decidely non-photographic activities ... quaffing white wine, crustless sandwiches and chocolate-coated strawberries.

Tsk, tsk ... I shall make sure this is brought to attention at our next meeting!

A meandering garden path
An old clawfoot bath makes a garden feature
Golden lambs playing in the sunshine


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Tracy said...

Wow. What a shame i didn't know about this and what a shame the group is setup through facebook :(
Sounds like it was a great day! :P)

Kirralee said...

I really like these. At first I thought the meandering garden path was a solar system. Particularly like the soft blur and the wooden lambs.