Yass Photography Club: Moments in Yass

The Yass Photography Club may have only started this year, but nine months to the day after we started our Facebook page, we're opening our first exhibition, Moments in Yass. Part of the annual Classic Yass celebration, nine photographers share their visions of our town through 43 images, ranging from macro and nature to ethereal night shots and others that pop with cheekiness or vibrant colour.

As always, my contributions are on the less conventional side. I must confess that, as exhibition curator, I've been a tad busy, which is why the following images are still unframed, while the other contributions are lined in order on the gallery floor, waiting for me to hang tomorrow!

 "Bunny Baby"

 "John Deere"

 "Blue Robot"

 " Two Ducks"

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kerry mb said...

love em! love em! love em!