3 Views of Yass

I pottered in Photoshop on Boxing Day, looking through my folders for unworked images ... believe me, there are a lot!
I chose three pictures that have nothing in common, apart from being shot in Yass. Above, my sister Kirralee lounges on the steps of the local courtyard ... note  she's wearing a t-shirt with the US flag, is posing in front of an Australian court and lives in Scotland!

I moved to Yass with a documentary photography plan, taking my trusty Pentax K1000 to as many local events as possible. Um, that kinda faded a couple of years ago, but 2012 will be the year to get back to the goal. I shot this guy at the Yass Ute Muster at the end of 2007 ... check out the fox tail on the radio aerial. The refraction down his body obviously wasn't intentional, but it neatly mimics the tail.

I got hold of Ferrania's last 110 film stock a few years ago and sold it on eBay to help finance my photography habit. Naturally, I kept plenty of rolls for myself, which I ran through my fabulous little Holga Micros. How I wish I had more 110 ... I hear, however, that Adox is in the process of manufacturing again and hoping to release new film next year!

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