Garlic from the Vegie Patch

I love to garden, especially when it comes to fruit and vegetables, and this winter I discovered the joy of growing my own garlic (following organic principles, of course!). In fact, I filled two beds with almost 100 cloves of a delicately purple-striped variety a friend gave me.

You're probably wondering why I grew so much. Garlic bread, anyone? No. I actually grew it for my horse, Thumper, who has one raw, chopped clove every morning in his breakfast. The theory is that garlic purifies the blood, repels flies and keeps respiratory problems at bay. You wouldn't expect a horse to like raw garlic, but Thumper chomps it down!

I even found a Youtube video on braiding garlic, so now have seven big braids hanging on the back of my feed-room door, which should last an entire year.

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