Kolossoi: Exploring Ancient Greek Dolls

I've never been one to keep a sketch book or journal. I know they're invaluable artists' tools, but it's hard to explore ideas on paper when you're a photographer — the problem is that we don't use pens, paper and paint ... instead, we see the world through viewfinders and Photoshop.

However, recently I've changed my practice. As you know, I'm keeping a journal for an upcoming group show at made. Creative Space in Toowoomba, Queensland ... and am thrilled with how simply filling the pages with research is not only propelling my image-making forward, but also taking me in all manner of new directions.

Take the image and close-ups below, for example. Dolls are my journal theme, but this is as far removed from little girls' play things as possible! I've been reading about Kolossoi, which are dolls the ancient Greeks made, disfigured and buried in the ground to protect their homes and communities. They aimed to frighten away everything from ghosts to foreign armies by making these dolls as shocking and obscene as possible!


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Kirralee said...

These are fantastic. I love that I can't tell that they are past, present or even future.